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The DVDs in the Her Own Words® series on women's history and careers tell the stories of many women, including Native American women,  immigrant women, and a diverse variety of women working right now in  nontraditional careers such as construction, policing, welding,  machining, and dentistry. DVDs celebrate the heritage of American Indian women, quilts, rosemaling, and pioneer women's diaries and memoirs.  Produced by Jocelyn Riley, DVDs--as well as accompanying resource guides--are available from the HER OWN WORDS® catalog, PO BOX 5264, Madison, WI 53705-0264;  phone 608-271-7083; fax 608-271-0209; email

Her Own Words® DVDs have won many national awards, including the Write Women Back into History award from the National Women's History project, the Barb Landers Memorial Award from the Association for Gender Equity Leadership in Education, a Selected Films and Videos for Young Adults award from the American Library Association, and a Gold Medal from the International Film and Video Festival of New York.

DVDs available from the Her Own Words® catalog are used all over the country as part of programs at career-counseling centers, libraries, museums, schools, and colleges; they are frequently used as part of career-exploration days and Women's History Month celebrations.

For more information, contact Her Own Words® at: jocelynriley@herownwords.com

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Women in Nontraditional Careers (DVD) CCgraphic--sm



American Indian Women’s Stories (DVD) CCgraphic--sm

Norwegian-American Women’s Stories (DVD) CCgraphic--sm

Frontier Stories (DVD) CCgraphic--sm

Quilt Stories (DVD) CCgraphic--sm

Artists & Writers  (DVD) CCgraphic--sm

Political History (DVD) CCgraphic--sm

All DVDs in the Her Own Words® series are closed captioned. CCgraphic--sm

Women in Nontraditional Careers, An Introduction--Oral history, labor history, interviews, images of women in nontraditional careers (nto):  woman carpenter, woman endodontist, women machinists, woman periodontist, woman helicopter pilot, woman uniformed special investigator, woman sheetmetalworker, women welders, woman mold-maker, woman highway operating engineer, woman architect, woman uniformed police officer, woman uniformed patrol officer, women plainclothes detectives, woman plumber, woman dentist, woman neighborhood police officer, woman electrician, woman firefighter ,  African-American women nontraditional careers,  black women nontraditional careers
We Can Do It-Poster with images of woman firefighter, woman automotive technician,  woman architect, woman driving earthmover highway construction worker, woman machinist, woman welder welding, woman electrician, woman helicopter pilot
Mountain Wolf Woman, 1884-1960-DVD:  Women's History, Women's Studies, Upper Midwest History, Oral History, American Indian, Native American, First Nations,  Ethnography, Siblings, Sisters, Aging Studies, Nancy Oestreich Lurie, Memoir, Wisconsin, Winnebago, Ho-Chunk, Oral History
The Art of Ethel Kvalheim-DVD:  Women's History, Women's Studies, Upper Midwest History, Wisconsin, Woman Artist, Memoir, Oral History, Rosemaling, Norwegian-American,  Stoughton WI, National Endowment for the Arts National Heritage Fellowship winner, Vesterheim Gold Medal winner, King Olaf Medal of Honor winner, American Folk Artist
18-DVD Box Set History:  Women's History, Women's Studies, Oral History, Upper Midwest, Wisconsin, Quilts, Rosemaling, American Indian Women's Stories
AmerIndWomen-Box Set