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Two DVDs Celebrate Quilters

These two DVDs highlight the work of an enormous array of quilters, young, old, and in-between. Some of the quilts are museum-quality heirlooms; others are everyday bed coverings, and still others are meant to hang on the wall and never be used. The DVDs highlight both the beauty of the quilts and the stories they represent.

All of the DVDs are closed captioned CCgraphic--sm. The DVDs are available from the Her Own Words® catalog, PO Box 5264, Madison WI 53705-0264; phone 608-271-7083; fax 608-271-0209; email jocelynriley@herownwords.com.

Patchwork: A Kaleidoscope of Quilts

DVD CCgraphic--sm, 15 minutes, $95.00, order #4003,  ISBN 978-1-60118-028-5. 
Resource guide 114 pages, $45.00; order #4002; ISBN 978-1-60118-050-6.
I love to quilt," says the narrator of this evocative 15-minute video  celebrating old and new museum-quality quilts together with words women  have written about making, using, saving, and treasuring quilts. "There are  so many patterns and colors, textures and weaves. People say a quilt is a  textile sandwich, but I think it's more like a collage. Making a quilt is like  painting, only you have billions of choices of fabric, both old and new. I  think I like quilting because it gives me a little control over how things  turn out. These quilts are my albums and diaries." A lively soundtrack and  elegant, full-color photography enhance the first-person story. "A  visually rich look at the splendid creations of quilts. Recommended."  --Museumedia. "Absorbing; Excellent." --Video Rating Guide.

Prairie Quilts

DVD CCgraphic--sm, 15 minutes, $95.00, order #6003;   ISBN 978-1-60118-029-2. 
Resource guide 114 pages, $45.00; order # 6002, ISBN 978-1-60118-051-3. 
"I tried to put everything I'd learned about the prairie into my quilt,"  says the narrator of this vivid, first-person story of learning to love the  tallgrass prairies. "I quilted my heart out. Nature has been one of my ways  of easing my pain at being so far away from everyone I know on the face of the  earth. I love photography, too, but last year it just seemed as though  I wanted a kind of control over my life that photography does not allow.  On my quilt, if I wanted a butterfly perched on a flower I could put it there,  even in winter." The narrator's story comes to life through embroidered  and patchwork quilts, as well as the living prairie. "A rich visual  patchwork; a wise purchase." --Library Journal. "****Dazzling;  Recommended." --Museumedia.  “Pays homage to the beauty of  the prairie. Recommended." --Video Rating Guide

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Patchwork: A Kaleidoscope of Quilts-DVD:  Women's History, Women's Studies, Quilts, Memoir
Prairie Quilts-DVD:  Women's History, Women's Studies, Quilts, Fiction