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Two DVDs Celebrate Political

Two DVDs Celebrate Political History

These two DVDs highlight an important milestone in American history: the struggle for and achievement of the right of women to vote and to be full citizens in our democracy. It’s hard to believe today, but there were many (both men and women) who fought against women’s right to vote and felt that full female suffrage would destroy the family. Some of the old arguments sound amazingly contemporary today and provide a stimulating starting-point for discussion.

All of the DVDs are closed captioned CCgraphic--sm. The DVDs are available from the Her Own Words® catalog, PO Box 5264, Madison WI 53705-0264; phone 608-271-7083; fax 608-271-0209; email jocelynriley@herownwords.com.

Belle Case La Follette: 1859-1931

DVD CCgraphic--sm 15 minutes, $95.00, order #2003; ISBN 978-1-60118-035-3. 
Resource guide 114 pages, $45.00; order #2002; ISBN 978-1-60118-054-4. 
The life of a leader in the suffrage, peace and progressive movements.  "Recommended for women's studies collections." --Library Journal. Gold Medal, International Film and TV Festival of New York. Certificate of Commendation, American Association for State and Local  History

Votes For Women?! 1913 US Senate Testimony

DVD CCgraphic--sm 17 minutes, $95.00, order # 7003; ISBN 978-1-60118-036-0. 
Resource guide 114 pages, $45.00, order #7002;  ISBN 978-60118-056-X. 
Kate Douglas Wiggin (author of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm)  argues against votes for women; Progressive and suffrage writer,  speaker, and leader Belle Case La Follette testifies in favor. "A  lead-in to the study of the Constitutional amendment process" --Library  Journal. "A study in points of view; an excellent teaching tool."  --Museumedia. "An interesting dramatization of one of the key  issues in our nation's development; recommended." --Video Librarian.  "Excellent resource guide" --Journal of American History. Write Women Back into History Award, National Women's History  Project.

Belle Case La Follette, 1859-1931-DVD:  Women's History, Women's Studies, Upper Midwest History, Wisconsin, Writer, Baraboo WI, Madison WI, UW-Madison, suffragist, Progressive, lawyer
Votes for Women?!  1913 US Senate Testimony-DVD:  Belle Case La Follette, Kate Douglas Wiggin, woman suffrage, suffragist, anti-suffragist, anti-woman suffrage, US Constitution, Women's History, Women's Studies, Women's History Month, Citizenship, National Constitution Day

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